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Eng 101 - Noam Scheindlin

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Essay Preview: Eng 101 - Noam Scheindlin

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Malcolm Robertson

Noam Scheindlin

ENG 101


In his essay Species of Space and other pieces, George Perec begins with some introductory paragraph material offering different variations on the theme, and then proceeds from space to space. The first is the ultimate authorial space the page first is blank and then filled. From there he goes from bed to bedroom to apartment to building to street to town to countryside to countries to continents to world to space. His observations are all over the place first he takes you on this journey talking about the smallest space then to the medium size of space then all the way to largest space. He makes the reader imagine what space is like around them. He also encourages the readers to explore space through his life stores and encourage them also to do them space.

The way George Perec looks at space in the apartment is functional because he thinks "Each room has a particular function" (28). What he means by this is that every aspect of each room is functional in the apartment for example the kitchen is functional because that's where you do all your cooking and preparation of the food. Also you store your groceries from the super market inside the frig to preserve it for when its need. The next is the bedroom this is where you get dress at and get sleep to rest. The bathroom is for you to relive yourself, Take baths and brush your teeth and wash your face. Also he gives you interesting ideas to readers to explore the functions over space and functions of their rooms through levels of reality. This is good because it shows the readers that the emphasis he creates by visualizing the rooms a functional and the space in the rooms.

Also he talks about space moving in to an apartment which is "Cleaning, checking, trying out, changing, fitting, signing waiting, imaging and inventing" (35). He wants us to know how space is when moving into a new apartment because when people move into a new apartment they are thinking about cleaning it checking and so forth to make sure everything is right for them so he is giving you a moving in reality of space. Because readers don't see mostly see space when move cleaning and so forth. But he shows it to you because when your cleaning you want to see how many space you have in your apartment that's you can know to place what where and why. Also he interacts with the reader to gaze and look for space everywhere in your apartment in whatever you do that's you can imagine whats like to be surrounding by space.

The way George Perec looks at space in the town is touristic because he asks questions a tourist would likely ask. "You know how to get from the station or the air terminal, to your hotel. You hope that it isn't too far. You'd like to be central. You study the map of the town with care. You locate the museums, the parks, the places you've been strongly recommended to go and see" (65).What he is trying to convey by asking these questions does the tourist always know where they are going and if so do they know how to get back to their hotel and be able to use the map to locate



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