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Eng 099-102 Essay on My Grandma

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Essay Preview: Eng 099-102 Essay on My Grandma

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Saleem Brouton

ENG. 099-102


My Grandma was a very fearless person. Fearless can be defined as without fear, bold or brave. She was a brave older lady with gray curly hair with a body structure that curled over when she walked. She had two mysterious eyes with a gray ring around the outer edges, which gave a daring look behind her glasses. Not even the highly fashionable hats she wore could hide the courage of her heart. The rest of her attire color coordinated with her old fashioned hats and gave an image to gossip about.

I can never forget her face which presented a look of intimidation when she frowned, and pure sweetness when she smiled. Inside her mouth behold a set of teeth with a couple replaced with gold. Her skin was the tone of brown sugar without many wrinkles for her age. The jewelry my grandma wore resembled a pirate's treasure. And the perfume she wore was like that of fresh roses.

I remember being accompanied by her and my two younger siblings. Every week my grandma would take us out with her to sell candy for the church. She would take us to the roughest neighborhoods and present ourselves to sell candy to everyone that crossed her site. Some were thugs, others were suspicious looking characters but regardless she stood firm and interacted with all.

My grandma was a strong Christian woman who believed in God and believed that he would fight her battles. Not a second would she hesitate to speak what's on her mind. The demeanor of her voice was enough to hush a lion. One day while driving with me in the passenger seat, she was pulled over by the police for driving to slow. It wasn't until that day I realize how remarkably bold she was. The cop came to lecture my grandma about her driving but she wasn't going to hear it. Right away she spoke her mind to the officer in a fashion that an adult would talk to a child. After the officer walked off speechless as if he had no business pulling her over in the first place.

My grandma inspired me in so many ways. I wouldn't be the person I am today if she wasn't in my life. Even today I believe her legacy lives on in me and my brothers and sisters. She motivated me to be the same way she was. I no longer fear the things I used to because now they seem simple compared to things I know she's been through. I loved her in so many ways. May her soul rest in peace.



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