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English Grammar Coursework

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Essay Preview: English Grammar Coursework

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Delprøve 1 I

Indsæt det korrekte ord: 1. they ___were_____ not happy together (where/were)

 2. She won the first ___prize_____ in the competition (prize/price)

 3. Do you know what they had for ____dessert_____? (dessert/desert)

4. He hurt himself badly when he fell ___off_____ the roof (off/of)

5. They were not ____allowed____ to watch the film (aloud/allowed)

6. The house is over ___there_____(their/there)

II Indsæt det korrekte relative pronomen (henførende stedord som der hvis) i følgende sætninger:

1. The man ___who____ came down the chimney no longer had a white beard.

2. Ms. Jones, ___who_____ was wearing high heels, was walking her dog in the park.

3. One of the dogs, ___whose_____ leash snapped, disappeared into the bushes.

4. The car ___that____ came round the corner was driven by a well-known actor.

5. The computer, ____that______ was only seven years old, suddenly broke down.

6. The girl __whose____ hat flew off became very sad.

III Ret fejlene i følgende sætninger. Vær opmærksom på, at der kan være mere end én fejl i den enkelte sætning. Skriv den korrekte sætning på linjen nedenunder.

 1. They were sorry for him because he had broken his leg.

2. It was clear that they were enjoying themselves.

3. When I came home, I gave my cat some food.

4. You all know that the teacher is an idiot.

5. The box’s and the machinery in the background tell us that the picture has been taken in a factory.

6. He was an elderly man in his sixties.

7. He could not have done it.

8. The difference between a good essay and a bad essay is often a matter of structure.

9. All the furniture was gone.

10. They changed trains at Oxford.

IV Indsæt en apostrof i følgende sætninger, hvor det er nødvendigt:

1. The kitten licked its paws very diligently.

2. it’s the name of a women’s magazine.

3. He seems to have taken someone else’s umbrella.

4. The witches’ brooms were hidden in the corner.

5. One can’t eat ones cake and have it (= man kan ikke både blæse og have mel i munden).

6. He went to the florists’ and bought his wife a nice bouquet of roses.

7. The men’s hats were grey.

Oversæt følgende sætninger til engelsk. Skriv oversættelsen på linjen nedenunder:



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