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English Horror Stories Suspense

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Essay Preview: English Horror Stories Suspense

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In many horror stories suspense is used to make the reader feel uneasy confused and on the edge of their seat. Jacobs builds suspense in the "monkeys Paw" by foreshadowing. the author drops hints to make the reader believe they know whats going to happen. also jacobs uses a technique called slowing down, he slows down intense parts of the story so it makes the reader anxious to know whats going to happen. last of all jacobs describes events in great detail to make everything seem more realistic. by using those three methods his horror story is great!

one of the first ways jacobs conceives suspnese in the story is by foreshadowing. he drops hints to misleadf the reader and makes them feel like they know whats going to happen. by doing that it makes the reader uneasy becuase they do no know how its going to happen or maybe even when it is going to happen. in the beginning of the monkeys paw the white family and the sergeant major are gatherd around the fireplace to converse.the sergeant major morrris was amuzed by the fire, later that night he showed off his cursed monkeys paw. he tried to giuve it away but ended up throwing it in the fire well this is my beginng of my essay i need advice and i dont know where to get it so i need to get help vso please be a working article on here im trying really hard is this about 250 words because i believe that it has to be close i know it has to bwe at least please let me sign on now



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