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Horror Story

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It was just like any regular sunday lunchtime. We had arrived at my grandparents at approximately eleven thirty in the morning for our usual Sunday lunch. When we arrived everything appeared to be normal. My grandparents were seated on their usual lounges, the spread of ethnic food was placed on the massive table. After sitting down, and having a few drinks, we decided to begin our lunch. My grandparents, parents and brother sat at the lunch table but everyone didn't seem right to me. After we dished our plates, everyone sat quietly and refused to eat. Me whom was starving, immediately started eating. Out of no where, i heard all the doors, windows and cupboards slam shut. My family did not speak a word and were frozen. I was shaken, scared and frightened all alone.

I trembled across the open plan lounge and dining room, searching if somebody was in the house. There was no sound whatsoever, not even a squeak from a mouse. The house had that 'eery' atmosphere, enough to make even the most strong willed fall down from grace. Suddenly, something happened which I would not have even imagined to be true in my widest dreams. The lunch table began to rattle and the cutlery began to shake and fall off the edges of the table. My family members began to unwillingly move at an unknown presence's command. It was as if they had lost complete controls over their brain and what it was telling their body to do. I could not take this. This kind of strange event was too much to bear and I began to feel a state of shock coming over my scared self. I looked to the left of the heated stove, and saw my brother on the floor having some sort of convulsion. His head was turning in a 360 degree manner and his eyes were open as wide as an owl's eyes would. I half ran over to the bathroom where I saw my grandfather shaking like a mad man at a street festival. His cheeks were going everywhere and he was hissing out demonic sounds and words. I was just hoping that this was all a bad dream and I would wake up from it immediately.

I decided to take a run for it. There was no possibility of calling the police as the paranormal presences which had taken over my family members had made sure the phone lines had been cut. I did not know what I was doing, being in the state of shock that I was. I found a hammer nearby my grandparents room and began smashing the large window near the old back door into a million pieces. As soon as there was a large enough opening, I scampered up on to the top of the nearby lounge and quickly jumped out of the window. Luckily for me, it was a safe landing as I had landed on an old nearby mattress laying outside. After this, I quickly regained my feet and began to run towards the end of the backyard. Just as I was halfway across the yard, a large prison-like cage dropped over me and enveloped me. I turned around to face the house and there was absolute silence. Invincibly passing through the brick



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