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Entr. Marketing

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Madero's presidency was doomed to be problematic from the get go. For him to get to office was a hassle and his short term served came with more problems. He was appointed President of Mexico Nov. 6 1911. One of the first obstacles he encountered was never having the support of the press because of the constant attacks of ¨porfiristas¨ who still had a position in government. His government was known to be a democratic but it did not identify with the lower class because of those porfiristas he maintained in office. This made others take manners into their own hands, which created revolts such as Emiliano Zapata who proclaimed ¨El Plan de Ayala¨ to restore the rights of workers and also claimed not to recognize Madero as president. Meanwhile in 1912, Pascual Orozco signed ¨Plan de la Empacadora¨ with the same intentions, Madero to put up a fight against the uprisings General Victoriano Huerta. While all this was happening Felix Diaz was creating a plan of his own. He took up arms but was captured in Veracruz and he was about to be executed when Madero not listening to his collaborators forgave his life. Orozco was defeated by Huerta and was obligated to flee to the U.S. On Feb. 1913 a Plot schemed by Manuel Mondragon and Felix Diaz let Bernardo Reyes free from Tlatelolco prison. He was then proclaimed leader of there movement and later attacked ¨el Palacio Nacional¨. They were stopped by the troops under Lauro Villars command. Reyes, Mondragon and Diaz took refuge in a place known today as the Ciudadela. This was a day where Madero is remembered for coming out too speak with the people and reassure his loyalty to them and the government. Because of the Villars getting injured during battle Madero appointed Huerta the new military chief. Henry Lane Wilson the U.S ambassador in Mexico began to fear for the interest of the companies of his country in Mexico and for the politics of Madero. He decided to create a pact with Diaz and Mondragon which started the ¨Decena Tragica¨. Feb. 17 Huerta signes with Díaz, Lane Wilson and Mondragón venid Maderos back. This agreement stated that the presidency would be Huerta's but he would have to release it to Diaz later on. Feb.18 a Group of elite Capitalist men which included Ignacio de la Torre y Mier (Diaz son in law) declared there fidelity to Huerta. That same day Gustavo A. Madero the president's advisor and brother was arrested and tortured to death. Feb.19 Madero and the vice-president Suarez were forced to sign there withdrawal of any government positions. Pedro Lascurain was in charge of executive power for 45 minutes his only governmental action was to name Huerta as secretary of Exterior Relations. His second action was to withdraw from his position and Huerta was now President. Madero's presidency only lasted 15 months. Even though Madero and Suarez were promised exile to Cuba they were both assassinated by direct orders of Huerta.



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