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Entrepreneurship Case

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Essay Preview: Entrepreneurship Case

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customers and promote soybean milk will provide an opportunity to build good long-term relationships. Soybean milk usually selling in supermarket, so the seller can wear the T-skirt with soybean milk brand to contact with the customers, answering questions and trying to close the sale, it would be very efficient communicate with customers. They obtain the feedback immediately as well, it is very important for soybean milk during its introduction phase. Personal selling will bring a lot of advantages to soybean milk to be communicated to customers. For instant, first, personal selling is a face-to-face activity; customers therefore obtain a relatively high degree of personal attention. Second, the sales message can be customized to meet the needs of the customer. Finally, the two-way nature of the sales process allows the sales team to respond directly and promptly to customer questions and concerns. However, personal selling also existing some disadvantage. Such as the company has to employ a lot of salespeople to promote the soybean milk, so for the company will have expensive cost. In addition to the basic pay package, the company needs to provide incentives to achieve sales; typically this is based on commission and bonus arrangements, and the equipment to make sales calls. In addition, a salesperson can only call on one customer at a time. This is not a cost-effective way of reaching a large audience. In short, this communication strategy has high cost, but it is a really good way to transmit the message for customers. Soybean milk also can display in exhibition, salespeople can introduce and show the product benefits. They have to introduce soybean milk focus on is nourishment green beverage and the significant different from othersвЂ"lower sugar, lower fat. It will create the brand image and effective influence buyer behaviors. If the company to do the successful communicate with customers by these way, they can make a lots profit and overcome the pressure of high cost.

2.2 Public relations

2.2.1 Internal communications

Public relations aim to safeguard and promote the image of the whole company, as well as its individual products. Public relations will be concerned with internal communications and external communications. Such as Chinese soybean milk entry UK market, the company needs to employ the local staff to promote and sell this product. So these staff will come from different countries and have different cultural, they need to be given a very wide range of communication. In addition, public relations normally handles a wide rang of financial information. For example, half year results, dividend forecasts, mergers and acquisition information. These information clear to show for the staff and make them more grasp their workplace will create the company reputation and motivate the staff do the job more efficiency. For instance, if the staff to be satisfied, they would promote the soybean milk for their friends, relations or they will buy some more.

2.2.2 External communications

Public relations are used to promote not only organizations but also products. For soybean milk have lots methods to do the external communications of public relations. First, the company can achieve positive coverage in the media. Such as using the newspapers, journals and TV to carry positive and persuasive stories about the soybean milk in China, how the Chinese people appraise this product after they try. Because most of people willing to know the product background, especially for UK customer. Before that they are unknown this product existing and never try it. So when the company does the persuasive have to pay more attention about the product functions and unique selling point. In addition, the significant difference from their competitors, such as it has high calcium, low sugar with lower fat than others. Second, sponsorship is another important area of public relations. For the soybean milk, the main target audience is young group customer. So the efficiency way is soybean milk can be sponsor for school and some charity. It is not only meet the target audience and make them to try, but also create the company reputation and a large people will know it. Sometimes, they also can consider sponsoring for sport games and team. Third, if the financial public has a favorable image of the company, it could improve its borrowing facilities. Because the company entry the UK market if they have the good financial background in China, they would invest money in UK and UK government can get the benefit from it. For the successful communicate with government will get privilege policy. Under this situation, they also bring a lot of money for bank, and bank will give the company special police, such as lower interest. Through these public relations, the company can reduce the cost of product and smoother to selling the product. Finally, вЂ?green’ issue is very important for a company to sell their products. In developed countries is more concern with environment protection. So the package of soybean milk use the plastic bottle, this package can be recycling to use. Or the company retrieves them to make other things. It wills not waster any source. In addition, the logo use green colour, because soybean milk is a kind of green beverageвЂ"high calcium and low sugar. So this style will attract more customers desire to buy and set up the good image for soybean milk. To sum up, public relations can be highly effective for demonstrating the value of the company and its product to the local community.

2.3 Advertising

Advertising is a 'paid for' communication. It is used to develop attitudes, create awareness, and transfer information in order to gain a response from the target market. It is a no personal presentation of sales messages through various media, paid for by the advertiser. The advertiser must aim to USP (Unique Selling Proposition) which this product.

2.3.1 Language

In market environment, culture is a considerable factor, which has important effect on buyer behavior, especially in nowadays-global market. In different countries , the same product maybe need a different language characters or pronunciations, Language has been described as the mirror of culture, so advertising must be translated and brand names must be accepted buy British people. WeiWei will change to ONLY, because one side this name can be British people remember and call, other side now there is no Soybean milk in UK market, this is unique.

2.3.2 Message

The main message will usually be based on the special benefit which the advertiser



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