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Environmental Issues in Business

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How smart companies use greening strategies to create value and competitive advantage?

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Environmental Issues in Business 501

Today, most companies did accept that they have a responsibility towards the environment due to an environmental crisis hence more and more organisations are going green. Many firms are adopting some greening strategies for the long-term growth and achievements. But still, the greening strategy should be one that create value and help the company gaining competitive advantage, that is a strategy which would deliver a unique mix of value. This paper discuss about how smart companies are by using the greening strategies discuss below to create value and competitive advantage.

Green Productivity

Green Productivity is a strategy that companies undertake so as they can continue productivity while protecting the environment for the overall socio-economic development. Moreover, they are 'business strategies and activities that meet the needs of the enterprise and its stakeholders while protecting, sustaining, and enhancing the human and natural resources that will be needed in the future' (Searcy 2011, 48). This would normally lead to a sustained development in quality of human life. Companies with effective green productivity strategies is successful in the long-term, have a good image upon their consumers, produce quality products while increasing profitability, advance environmental protection which finally lead to sustainable development. For example, Dow Co. started their green productivity program so as they are able to motivate their staff to decrease pollution and after many years the company's return on investment rose by three hundred percent. Another example is the DuPont Co., the organisation focused on eco-efficiency and eco-effectiveness so as to reduce their negative impact on the environment.



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