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Environmental Science

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1a) The natural sources of hardness in water are the salts of metals. These include calcium, magnesium, and iron. They come in the form of bicarbonate or sulfate. They originate from the rocks and soils and when mixed with water, these metals will have their salts dissolved in the water.

1b) The cultural sources of hardness in the water is from all the pollution people have contributed. For example, chemicals from highways are seeping in the water, pesticides and fertilizers are leaking, and underground storage tanks of gasoline all contribute to the hardness.

2) The consequence of using hard water in a home situation can be costly. The hardness of the water may obstruct with plumbing. The growing number of metals along the pipes may restrict water flow causing plumbing problems. The metals in the water may leave deposits on clothes and make soap difficult to use.

3)The levels of hardness may be modified by monitoring it. First, the State and Federal Environmental Protection agencies need to test the water. Once they determine if it is hard or not, they will announce if the water is safe. Then they will add a softener they will make the water neutral.

4) A possible cause for increasing acidity is caused from the environment. Possibly acid rain.

Question Part II

1) Some function of chlorides in biological systems, is that it is important in the opening and closing of the stomata. It is essential to the chemical balance of potassium ion.

2) A strong level of chloride will mean that degradation of waters is from the construction of homes or industries with insufficient sewerage systems to control their wastes.

Questions Part III

1) When humans consume foods and water containing sulfur compounds may not be dangerously affected but there are side affects. The water may have a bitter taste and can lead to dehydration because of a laxative effect.

2) Sulfur is an important mineral for human nutrition. It helps to maintain protein structure. It participates in enzyme activity through tissue respiration and biologic oxidation.

3) An industry may be encouraged to remove sulfur because of the erosion it causes. Sulfur increases acidity in ponds and lakes that are low in natural buffers. This acidification process negatively affects the eco system and may lead to lifeless bodies in the water.

4) Acid rain effects international politics because of the weather patterns. Pollution produced in the Midwest will travel to New England and Canada. This now effects another country whom which will be very angry about the increasing acidity coming from the U.S. Important measures by the U.S government must to taken in order to stop the rise of pollution that



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