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Eric Peterson - Green Mountain Cellular Telephone Company

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Essay Preview: Eric Peterson - Green Mountain Cellular Telephone Company

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Peterson is the General Manager of Green Mountain Cellular Telephone Company (GMCT), which is one of the 12 cell sites operated by Cellucom. GMCT is one of the three pre-operating sites, which will serve 400,000 people and operate on 21 cell sites; 16 sites were anticipated to be ready by the turn-on date and five others in the eight months following. GMCT is one month behind target because of numerous problems, the revised turn-on-date is April-1, changed from Feb-1. Peterson is scheduled to meet with Chip Knight (the newly appointed director of Pre-operating systems for Cellu-com) in two weeks to discuss various problems that have led to delays.

Situation Analysis-

Successful completion of a project depends on a well co-ordinated organisational structure, dealing effectively and efficiently with internal and external environment. Project goals, schedule, support and deliverables are some of the key criterion, which need to be clearly identified and confirmed before a project could execute smoothly. The reporting hierarchy throughout the organisation is unclear. Peterson is supposed to report Jenkins, but then, without formal communication from upper management, he found himself reporting to Jeff Hardy. Cut Andrew is responsible for coordinating supplies and deliveries, but he neither has the right expertise or motivation to handle the assignment. Arbitrary assignment of personnel and shifting positions further confused the company structure. Thus the confusion in reporting hierarchy, reluctance to handle responsibilities and to take action delayed the project activities.

Problem Statement:-

The problem at hand is to develop a better relationship among the department heads as well as to create a proper reporting structure with a well defined goal set for each individuals depending on their potentials and experiences, which will help to expedite the process and subsequently lead the way to achieve the deliverables within time.

Problem Identification:-

Whether Peterson would directly report to Knight or go with the current system

Whether Curt Andrew would continue with the planning and organising assignment or a senior experienced professional need to be recruited



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