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Erin Brockovich - Film Review

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Essay Preview: Erin Brockovich - Film Review

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Business reputation over the years has somehow been attached with greed and carelessness. According to Klebe (Managing business ethics:2004), the public are so cynical about companies and do not believe them when they do promotions on how well they will look after the community they will be operating in.

The film Erin Brockovich portrayed the business no different to what the public thinks. The company that was operating near California desert town was making the folks sick. The film later reveals that not all safety procedures were followed and that they were careless in installing the compressor station.

According to Stone (Human resource management:2005), most entrepreneurs' engage in business with the primary focus of making money. They do not care if the people there oppose or will get sick. People do business caring less on the impact it will have on the community and the country as a whole. Businesses are greedy and have no heart for people who will be affected. You read in the media almost every day that companies pay compensation to a community because of its careless attitudes. Never have I read in the media in Papua New Guinea that a company had strategic plans to avoid the negative effects it might cause to the community.

Business is a good field of study and I am glad that ethics is also taught to business students. I believe that if ethics is taught to business students, they can make a difference when they go out and work.



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