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Mark Zuckerberg Film Review

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Essay Preview: Mark Zuckerberg Film Review

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1. Who is Mark Zuckerberg?

Mark Zuckerberg is the main character of the movie, The Social Network who is an IT undergraduate at Harvard University. He is very opinionated and talks a lot and is sarcastic. He wants to be noticed amongst people and seems a little weird. Her girlfriend Erica just broke up with him so he plans a way to get back at her which makes him revengeful.

2. Where is the setting? Does this affect the story?

The entire event takes place at Harvard University in 2003. The event happening there as suppose to other place does affect the setting as the place would be full of smart and scholarly people. It would be supposedly easier for them to come up with an idea of such a website. Also, the university has a reputation that would generate news if affected.

3. Find two or more people that the main character has contact with. Describe their relationship.

Eduardo Saverin is Mark Zuckerberg, the main character's best friend. Eduardo is one of the first people whom Mark talks about the website he is planning to build. They are shown very close to each other in the movie until Mark secretly removes him from his share of the company. Eduardo was also the financial partner in the early years of the website when they just built it.

4. Who or what is the antagonist?

In this story, the antagonists are Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. The twins claim that Mark stole their idea of Facemash. They also file a lawsuit against him.

5. What is the major conflict the protagonist faces? What complications constitute the rising action? Where is the climax? Is the conflict resolved?

The major conflict that Mark faces is the fact that who actually came up with the idea or who created Facebook. He has a lawsuit against him filed by the Winklevoss twins blaming him to steal their idea about Facemash. There are a lot of things that he faces during the making of his website. He loses his best friend, has a law suit against him, and becomes a self-fish and a mean person. The climax is when Mark meets Sean. At that time everything is going great the website is having lots of visitors, and Mark is getting new ideas to expand it. The conflict between Mark and the twins or Mark and Eduardo is not resolved personally but at the end Mark had to pay them to resolve the lawsuit.

6. Is one or more of the sub plots used to qualify or complicate the main plot? How do we fee; about the character?

Yes there are a few sub-plots to qualify the main plot. The first one is when Mark's girlfriend Erica turns him down. This gives him a feeling of revenge and he decides to create Facemash where everyone



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