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Ernst Moritz Arndt

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Essay Preview: Ernst Moritz Arndt

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Minor Essay

In source, one Ernst Moritz Arndt is proposing the idea of creating one powerful political union that consists of only German-speaking people, with the goal to create a loving sprit amongst the German people against the French aggressors. Citizens living in the fatherland are supportive and embrace what their country has to offer. The source was written between 1769 - 1860 at the height of the fight against the French and Napoleonic rule. After closely analyzing the source it shows a clear link to the promotion of nationalism positively. The source displays positives of nationalism through a common bond, giving them unity. Unity is to share a common interest or bond with like-minded people while identifying under the same government and nation. The use of the phrases “one true land” and “One Deutschland and one fatherland” refers to the nation as one unity place giving the German people a common bond to each other, through the land that they all share and protect as one. Nationalism is also shown in the source positively, through patriotism and pride, shown through the phrases “This is the land, thy Hermann’s land; This, German is thy fatherland,” and “This is the land, the honest land, The honest German fatherland.” This time brought about hard times for the German people. Napoleon had taken control of Berlin and also created a peace treaty with the Prussians. Changes needed to be done to entice the German people and make them rise against the adversity they were facing from Napoleon and his active military. The reason for these new nationalist sentiments and movements was because nothing was being done to save the German people from the rule of the French. These intellectuals felt that the German people before them had tried too hard to let the country fall into the hands of the French after they were gone. The willingness to stay true to the land and protect it at all costs is a representation of pride.

Source two is a document that contains two proclamations concerning the Rebellion in Upper Canada in December 1837. The dominance and power of foreign rebels have gone too far, disturbing the peace and ruining the nations bond. After analyzing the source, it is clear that it positively promotes nationalism.  The first positive characteristic is cooperation. Cooperation is the process of working together to the same end. The first proclamation was issued by Sir Francis Bond Head, Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, offering a reward for the fear of William Lyon Mackenzie and others. He claims “in a time of profound peace, while everyone was quietly following his occupations…a band of Rebels…has had the wickedness and audacity to assemble with Arms, and to attack and Murder the Queen’s Subjects on the Highway.” No country can progress without the cooperation of citizens. Success is something people can achieve easier when they cooperate with one another than running towards it individually. Countries are in need to help each other to go further and faster in the development. No country has all that it needs, and every nation needs to be in cooperation with others to be strong and offer its citizens prosperity and happiness. The source states that if the citizens work together with strength and dignity, growth in the country will become apparent.  The second characteristic of nationalism is loyalty. To have loyalty means to have a strong feeling of support or allegiance. William Lyon Mackenzie was a politician and journalist who was a strong advocate for government reform in Upper Canada. When peaceful attempts at government reform failed, he organized a rebellion in 1837. Mackenzie writes that “For nearly fifty years our country languished under the blighting influence of military despots.” The nation is under attack meaning citizens have to protect their country. An individual's need for self-protection and self-transcendence is valuable to see that the nation is providing them and their progeny with security and safety as well as respect in return for their loyalty and commitment. The feelings of attachment that comprise loyalty for many are not whimsical but are generally basic to the individuals' definitions of themselves. Loyalty to a group strengthens one's identity and sense of belonging. Patriotism is a healthy pride in your country. Patriotism brings about feelings of loyalty and a desire to help other citizens. It brings a country together.



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