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Essay on Divorce - Causes and Effects

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Essay Preview: Essay on Divorce - Causes and Effects

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Divorce is nothing new, especially in recent times. Divorce is a huge decision regarding breaking up of an important relationship after both the parties agree.

For most people, divorce is the last resort after they have tried everything to mend and repair the relationship.

Unfortunately, the rate of divorce has increased in the recent times and this could be because people are.

So busy working and making ends meet, they hardly have any time to devote to their marriage and other marital issues.

Causes that led to divorce can be numerous. But, some of the most common reasons responsible for divorce are substance abuse, domestic violence, financial problems, and sexual and emotional infidelity. People who cannot maintain their finances and go deep into debts, get divorced more frequently than others. Another common cause for divorce is alcohol abuse. People tend to become alcoholics and ruin their personal and social lives. They consume alcohol in huge amount, and then verbally or physically abuse their spouse and/or children. Then, another common cause for divorce is infidelity. Sometimes, people tend to get misled or tend to stray, and end up betraying their spouses in the bargain. Most spouses will forgive any transgression, but cheating is one thing that is rarely forgiven.

Although divorce can be an answer to marital problems, it brings many after effects along with it. Divorce can cause an emotional breakdown in both parties concerned. People need to collect all the pieces to regain some mental strength to get over their divorce and start all over again. But, not everyone has this ability and those who do not, can go into deep depression. Sometimes, people start consuming alcohol and/or drugs to get over the bitterness of a divorce.

But the most devastating effect of divorce is on children. They, in their innocence, do not possess enough mental strength to get over this kind of a trauma. They feel responsible for the divorce, and it can cause emotional problems in children. In addition, children are torn between parents. They know they have to choose one over the other, which is not fair to them.



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