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Ethic in Manangement

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When the economic depression, every company or even different types of work must follow it . Therefore, everyone is working hard to get the money. For a company, they also tried to stand up, their sales and revenues, including Sears Auto Center. But in this case, the burnt car Center of dishonest customers, because they did not tell the truth. In addition, their job is to provide customer service, but not to their actual service, consulting customers. Instead, they lie to customers is not a good business for profit. The Government should prevent them from doing so, in order to ensure that the interests of consumers.

From this case, we learn that when a company face a critical problem or try to increase their profits to change company policies to solve the problem. But, the action we take should not harm people due to earn personal profit. This is an unethical way to treat customers if we lying to them for own benefit. For example, when we want to get something from other or do something for them must ask permission first. In the same way, the technician must tell customers who can be trusted and consent agree to do any service. Submit to their actual service, providing customers with consultants. Instead, they lie to customers is not a good business for profit. The Government should prohibit them to do like this, to ensure that the interests of consumers.

I think that if a company needs to achieve good returns should not force their workers to do such a thing to hurt people. Although the company's goal is to make money, but they should take into account the effect. In this case, the indirect and Sears Auto center business ethics. In addition, they provide additional services without customer in order to achieve the company's goals. This kind of work is forcing customers to pay more for extra money. It is not fair to customer.



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