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Ethics, Global Understanding and Cultural Competency

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Essay Preview: Ethics, Global Understanding and Cultural Competency

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Technology is a driving force for globalization. With the right technology in place, everything happens faster and smarter within this manufacturing organization. Processes of business are more efficient and it allows this collaboration to take place globally. Technology has created efficient and effective channels for them to exchange information. The businesses has been transformed with the use of technology.

When I first started consulting with this company, their staff and ways of doing business was not very diverse. The company now has a very diversified staff as well as processes. I can see a tremendous improvement as far as their turnover rate and their customer retention has greatly improved.

Upper management was very hesitant and resistant to changes that needed to take place within the organization, such as improvement in their technology, communicating and building relationships with their customers and suppliers, especially internationally, and getting the right skill-sets in place, which required some diversification. Upon seeing improvement in their sales, management slowly embraced the changes. However, it took them about seven years to embrace the change. I can only imagine what their sales would look like now, if this had been done seven years ago. Nonetheless, because this business is over 20 years old and the management staff was not technologically "savvy" or diverse and was use to doing things the "old" way, the resistance was understandable.



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