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Ethical Issues Resulting from Globalization

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Essay Preview: Ethical Issues Resulting from Globalization

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Describe at least three ethical issues resulting from globalization.

* Employment

* Natural Resources

* Health

Employment is one of the main issues that impact the globalization. The ethical issues pertaining to employment have reached a high, due to the lack of demand and loss of positions within the first world countries, because a lot of businesses and corporations are referring to outsource because it is much cheaper in the third world countries.

Natural Resources are also being impacted due to the massive amounts of fuel and cattle grazing pastures, the rainforests will have a huge effect on oxygen levels produced for the entire planet.

Health is another major globalized issue due to the amounts of infectious disease that has been spreading across America. This is a globalized ethical issue because the faster the spread the higher the death toll.

Explain the ethical risks and consequences associated with global business.

There are many risks and consequences that are associated with not only global businesses but any at that. But when a corporation does businesses with foreign countries there are many guidelines and standard procedures that should be involved, which makes it more of a challenge.

There are many ethical laws and procedures that should be addressed and followed. When it comes to global profits, risks and consequences are always associated along with it. In many of the foreign countries and their business markets they refer to payoffs and bribery as a result to doing business, and bribery is illegal in the U.S.



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