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Ethics and Non-Profits

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Essay Preview: Ethics and Non-Profits

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This article talks about the unethical behavior that continues to be amongst non-profits and

profits . The authors examine the factors that had influence moral conduct, to help organizations solve

that particular problem. The ethical issues that comes up in charitable organizations are the best way

to provide ethical behavior within the organizations. Rhode& Packel (2009).

There are professionals, who do work on issues dealing with ethics that are not suffering

from the economic failures. In the last decade moral and ethical meltdowns has brought a lot of

heartache to non-profit and profit businesses. The misconduct in corporate has been receiving great attention because of how the abuse was conducted and how much the cost was. It was reported that the most ethically challenged was the former CEO of Merrill Lynch & Co, CEO John Thai, he alone spent 1.22 million to redecorate his office in 2008, he also purchase a $1,400 trash can and an antique commode for $35,000, while the company had losses totaling $27 billion. (2008).

Greed comes in all corporate sectors, The EduCap Inc., which is a mute-billion dollar student

loan charity, had abused its tax-exempt status by making changes to the loans with excessive interest,

they also provided millions in compensation and gave lavish perks to the CEO, and her husband. They

had a private jet worth over $31 million to fly around family and friends.

According to CBS News poll, only a quarter of Americans believe that all top executives are

honest. The American Management Association Corporate Values Survey found that executives believe

there is a conflict with their company's public statements on ethics and with internal messages dealing

with realities. More than one-third of the executives said that even with following the law, they are still

being received as not always being ethnical.

Employee surveys brings up that American workplaces, fail to implement policies on integrity.

Between one-quarter and three quarters of employees observed misconduct being done but only half is

reported. In 2007 the National Nonprofit Ethics Survey, observed the employees had one act of

misconduct, and more than half of



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