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Non-Profit Organizations Analysis

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Non-profit organizations consist of multiple people who are involved in a certain objective or goal and are organized for purposes other than generating profit. Therefore, essentially none of the organization’s income is distributed to any of its members (Except during instances of “Executive Compensation”). For this paper, our group is interested in researching the small groups that makes up many non-profit organizations today. Typically, non-profits have a board of members that get assigned distinguished roles in which they can help in different ways to the non-profit as a whole. Some examples may include chairman, chief executives, directors, PR managers, or project managers. Regardless of the labels and titles, non-profit organizations can also consist of just board members where everyone is equally included but in charge of a different array of tasks, like helping set up policies and events, finding and securing financial resources and funding, legal and ethical integrity, oversee programs and services, and most importantly, establish mission and purpose of the non-profit organization.

Perhaps one of the more interesting aspects of non-profit organizations is the broad array of fields and topics they focus on; anything from enabling disenfranchised entrepreneurs in developing nations, all the way to helping supply school materials for children in the U.S. A non-profit organization can focus on essentially anything, so long as there is a group of people or businesses willing to support its cause. This vast swath of possibilities is very attractive to many professionals because it enables them to do work in a field or for a cause that they find interesting and passionate about! This manifests itself in people of all disciplines coming together to achieve charitable causes.



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