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Evaluation Case - Critique of Methodology

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Essay Preview: Evaluation Case - Critique of Methodology

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ors cited several sources, however, the source were needed to clarify several different points such as a description of reconciliation and exoneration. The authors did not do a very good job of current research. The article was published in 2008 and the most current research cited was from 2005. Although all the sources were from within ten years of publication, the authors could have used more current research.

Research Questions (Hypothesis)

The researchers clearly stated what they were wondering about in the study. The article entailed that the researchers had two goals, one was to understand the nature of forgiveness and the second was to indicate whether there was a possibility of there being a link empirically between the perception of forgiveness and forgiveness in actuality. The research questions did flow clearly from the literature review.

Critique of Methodology

Population and sampling

Then researchers did not use random sampling for the study. The participants of the study were all from the same area in Belgium that were all respondents. There are reasons to believe that the participants were similar on relevant variables. The fact that all the participants were from the same area entails that they may also share other interests and have like factors within the study. The authors described relevant demographics of the samples. The authors indicated that of 787 respondents, they were all form the Belgium area. The article also entailed the average age of the respondents, 44.80 years of age for women and 47.31 years of age for men. The authors even included the mean number of children.


There were two groups being compared, the first-time married group and the remarried group. The researchers used a snowballing sampling technique to attain the groups. The authors did a good job of explaining and describing the treatments in sufficient detail. The researchers explained each of the scales such as the EFI that were used in the study. The researchers did used ethical and politically acceptable treatment. None of the treatments posed any harm on any of the participants.


The researchers included actual items and scales in the article. The authors included the scale that each of the instrumentations adhered to such as whether a participant was to select items such as "disagree" or "strongly agree". The authors also included forgiveness statements that would assist them with understanding the need to forgive such as "I forgive in order to avoid quarrel or fights". The authors did include several published instrumentations. Instruments that were mentioned had cited sources that would allow the reader to find further information regarding the instrument. Overall the instrumentation was accurate.

Critique of Results & Discussion

Results Evaluation

The results



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