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Extra-Curricular Activities

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Nowadays,taking some extra-curricular activities or not becomes a heated issue

between parents and children.This is also true for high shool students,who are going

to enter post-secondery schools.That is because there are many high schools that

provide a lot of extra-curricular clubs. Some occur before school, some after school,

and a few may even take place on the weekends.Some of the students are worried

about the time consuming, which might probably negatively affects academic

performance.However, by joining various out of school functions, high school

students can benefit from getting self-improvement.The reasons are that they can

enrich their social skills, cultivate abilities that will be used in the university,and keep

a positive attitude.

Firstly,high shool students can get social skills by taking part in after school

activities,which ultimately can improve their personality .The first benefit of being a

member of extra-curricular groups is that teenagers can improve communication

skills.It is essential for teens to learn how to communicate with other effectively in

their future career.By joining kinds of campaigns,high shool students will meet people

of different characters.However,most people will keep silent when they meet a new

stranger.It is the high time that students break the ice firstly and break down the

barrier.After beginning to talk with others ,students can share their experiences and

build up a solid relationship.As a result,by intercommunion with different kinds of

friends meet at out of shool activities,students can improve the skills of

communication and perfect themself incessantly.The second advantage is that high

school teens can understand the importance of team-work by participating in

extra-curricular events.This is because it is common that students have to work with

others as a team in their studies.In order to ger better understanding of the team

work and work effectively,high school students can join some teamwork activities out

of shool life.Teenagers can take part in some groups ,such as football ,which is a

completive sport emphasize on co-operation.When playing with their teammates,

students can make better decisions and work more effectively.High school

students,therefore,who participate in the team-work organization after school ,can

easily learn the importance of co-operation and be good at co-operation,which is an

essential ability of social skills.Lastly,high school teenagers can develop leadership

skills from extra-curricular campaigns.Leadership ,which is one of the essential

element of perfect social skills,is described as an ability of supporting other

accompaniers to complish a common task.Being a member of out of school clubs,

students will have chances to organizes some big event.For example,they might

organize a basketball match after joining the basketball club.At this moment,one of

the teens has to be a leader and guide the other members to divide jobs.With the help

of the student,the match will be successfully organized and he or she will cultivate

their leader ship skill from it.Students,therefore,can broaden their social skills and get

ego integrity.

In addition,because high school students can develop skills that will be used

in the university from the out of school activities,they can get

ego-enhancement.Firstly,teenagers from high school can get higher grades because of

the extra-curricular activities.Most universities are looking forward to providing a

platform for higher-grade performance students while students can get better

performance by taking clubs and so,they can easier to go to dream university.For

instance, after being a member of maths club, high school students might cultivate

interest in maths.As a result, they will spend more effort on maths and get higher

academic grade.In a word,by participating in after school organizations,students who

have not graduated from high shool will benefit from the better academic skills and be

ready to go to the further education. Secondly,senior school young minors can

improve hands-on ability by being a member of out of school organization.It is the



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