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Ez-Pleeze Strategic Plan

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Essay Preview: Ez-Pleeze Strategic Plan

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EZ-Pleeze Strategic Plan

Whitney Persick

Western Governor’s University

EZ-Pleeze Strategic Plan

A. EZ-Pleeze has an organizational culture that best described as, collaborative and competitive. Despite having a hierarchal chain of command, EZ-Pleeze values its employees as their biggest asset (Western Governor’s University [WGU], 2019). A collaborative organization’s culture is described like a “clan”. They are team builders and mentors who focus on internal communication, commitment to their employees, and development of their employees to make them more successful (Cameron, n.d). They provide health and wellness programming and opportunities for professional development such as promoting from within and tuition assistance (WGU, 2019). They are clearly committed to the longevity of their employees but they also appear to be competitive in their industry. EZ-Pleeze has two major competitors, Gold Starch Foods and Prime Spuds, which they are interested in surpassing in sales volume (WGU, 2019).

A1. EZ-Pleeze’s mission statement is appropriate and in line with what a mission statement is supposed to convey. They identify their products and industry at the beginning and then move into their intent to provide the consumer with the highest quality products and service. EZ-Pleeze then identifies themselves as being prideful in their innovation and creativity, setting them apart from their competitors (WGU, 2019.)  

A2. EZ-Pleeze’s vision statement is appropriate. They provide clear intentions for their future. The organization would like to rise above their competitors and be among the top three potato and corn providers in the United States. Declaring these intentions in their vision statement lets others know that they are serious about their products and are determined to provide consumers with the best product possible.

B. EZ-Pleeze has a functional organizational structure. They are made up of the CEO, Tim Burnes, and a handful of corporate staff members who oversee specific departments. Each department has their own knowledge specific to their area of the business and they all work together for a smooth operation (Hitt, 2015).

Tim Burnes is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of EZ-Pleeze. As the head of the company he is responsible for both formulating and implementing strategy. The CEO relies on the external environment of the industry such as, market growth and degree of competition, and the characteristics of the organization such as, employee patterns and organizational culture to formulate his strategy (Hitt, 2015). Being at the top of the organizational structure, he will influence each department below him in their decision making as they will look to him for approval and suggestions.

Brian Jansen is the Chief of Operations, making him the second in command at the organization. He oversees the day to day operations of the company and its executives. The COO is responsible for setting goals and maintaining performance standards and growth. He is also responsible for both formulating and implementing strategy. Seeing as he reports directly to eh CEO, he has the most influence in strategic decisions.

Karen Haley is the Chief Financial Officer. As CFO, she makes sure that the company is making smart financial decisions and remaining compliant to government and internal regulations. She may also formulate and implement strategy in regard to financial goals that need to be met. The CFO knows where the company stands financially at any given point in time, giving her a large amount influence in strategic decisions.

John Kerrington is EZ-Pleeze’s Director of Marketing. He will formulate and implement the organizations marketing campaigns. Marketing directors typically have relationships with all of the company’s vendors and suppliers. Having this rapport gives the marketing director influence over them when pitching campaign ideas and also can also influence the CEO and COO when making strategic decisions in regard to marketing campaigns.

Michael Orenson is the Director of Manufacturing and Production. He directly oversees the frontline staff that is creating the product, making sure that deadlines are met and quality standards are upheld. He answers directly to Brian Jansen, the Chief of Operations. Michael will primarily be implementing strategies formulated by the COO. However, because of his knowledge of the production floor and his close relation with the staff, he will be able to provide the COO with information to influence the formulation of strategies in the future.



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