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Facebook's Ceo Case Study

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Dear Ms. Ashley,

Recently, there was an article on HuffingtonPost about an interview with Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg and how he "overly caffeinated" during the interview. Zuckerberg basically took this opportunity to advertise their upcoming project for Facebook as transforming from a social media giant into the second Google. I think this article is relevant because my background is online marketing consultant and Facebook used to be a huge source of traffic.

Zuckerberg announced that they would implant a new search engine to help making the Facebook's search query more user friendly to its users. He also said that they would focus more into the mobile app even though they were not planning to make their own phone. As applying for the position as Marketing Manager of the company, I would say he made a really smart move in this interview by using TechCrunch as his free 30 minutes commercial to introduce their plan for the future, hoping to save the falling stock value company. If we think about it into the background of TechCrunch, there are hundreds of big investors who focus in the technology industry would open their pocket to invest into Facebook again after his interview and his plan was half success, their stock went up 4 percent. The reason the stock couldn't go any higher was mainly because people are still considering about the future of Facebook even if they really make the plan come true. If they decide to release their search bar, that would be another way to say that they going head to head with Google and Bing from Microsoft, the two biggest companies on the planet. While of course Microsoft and Google have already divided their forces and customer base into several other smaller cash cows such as the new phone Nexus, HTC, Google ads for Google and Windows phone, Windows 8, for Microsoft. The main revenue of Facebook is coming from the 800 million active users, and declining every day. Even if Facebook really successfully build that user friendly advance search engine, their technology can no way compete with both Google and Microsoft with their already established advance search engine with geography database.

In my conclusion, while using this new project as a life boat for their already falling company, this project will not financially help Facebook to sustain their grown and save the company out of the hole.



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