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Hyundai, Facebook, Fedex Case Study

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Truong Hong Ngoc

ID: 1468580

Nguyen Dang Thuy Ngan

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This paper was submitted in fulfillment of assignment in the Management

International Training Program Centre – STU

October 15, 2018

  1. Hyundai:

Hyundai is one of the most famous and innovative automotive brands of the world. Hyundai is always performance well.  As I know, the brand is investing in technological innovation and marketing to remain one of the most liked brands. Hyundai also owns a few of the smartest and biggest manufacturing facilities in the automotive industry.

  • A low uncertainty environment
  • Management:
  • Customers: They understand the needs of customers through each vehicle design ( SUV and Sedan)
  • Competitors: They understand their opponents such as toyota, nissan, honda, kia etc.
  • Technological: They always improve their vehicles and combine them with new technologies.
  • International: they created a global sales network.

  • A high uncertainty environment
  • Suppliers: The search for hyundai suppliers in the automotive industry is quite low. They only work with partners who meet the requirements they have and always adhere to the quality rules. In general, Hyundai just wants to create the perfect car.
  • Legal/ Political: Hyundai faced a lawsuit filed by consumers in South Korea about the false declaration of fuel consumption for most of the 2012 and 2013 models.
  1. Facebook:

The development of facebook can be attributed to the ability to appeal to users and some businesses. Facebook is highly interactive, user friendly and offers features such as videocall, image updates, messaging and more. In particular, people can regulate their privacy as much as they like.

  • A low uncertainty environment
  • Competitors: Facebook is always competing with its competitors by upgrading its website and app.
  • International: There are millions of people posting on facebook every hour around the world.
  • Technological: Facebook is not only social networking, they also want to develop on how new technology like phones, smart glasses.
  • A high uncertainty environment
  • Management:
  • Customers: Uncontrolled users, some have used facebook to cheat or sell fake
  • Legal / Political: They allegedly disclose user information.
  1. FedEx:

The widest range of supply chain, transportation and business and also it is promote economic of US. FedEx face to lots of challenge when the rapid growth of internet allow customers follow process of the products and requires FedEx enhance services to adapt the needs of customers.



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