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Facebook Case

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Facebook is one of the best ways you could communicate with your classmates. You may use Facebook to make friends, connect on professional level, and keep in touch with your classmates. In addition, Facebook has tools to organize in-person meetings; using these tools you can take communication with your classmates offline. Since Facebook is so popular, you may find most of your classmates on it. Connecting with other students on Facebook is a great way to get know each other, and it is as much more than a few lines of text on the student forums. Facebook lets you see pictures, interests, and other details about students' personal lives. There are many ways you can use Facebook to get more information about your classmates. In this essay I will explain how to use Facebook to enhance communication among classmates. I will detail Facebook signing up, making friends, sending messages, following news feeds, and creating groups.

Signing up for Facebook is a breeze. Once you get to the Facebook's home page (http//, click "Sign Up". On a next page you will need to fill out the form. Please, provide your name, valid email address, and birthday. After this you will be logged in to your account. Now you can create your personal profile. You can say as much or as little about yourself as you want. In fact, with Facebook privacy settings, you can customize how much of your information is visible online. The best feature of Facebook is the ability to connect and share. To do this, you need to have Facebook friends.

To start making friends, you need to click "Friends" on a left panel of your home screen. There you will be presented with multitude of tools to find and add friends. First, you can select friends from your e-mail address books and invite them to Facebook. Second, you can choose people you know from your Facebook network. Third, you can search for friends by name. Follow the "Search" link after logging in to Facebook, enter a name in the "Search For" box, use the drop-down menu to select the network you want to search. Click on the "Add to Friends" link next to your friend's name. A friend request will be sent to that person. Once he or she confirms that he or she actually is friend with you, he or she will show up on your Friends List. Making friends on Facebook is the most important thing because this is how you can communicate and help your classmates.

Facebook provides a few ways to communicate among friends: messages, instant chat, groups, and news feeds. Sending messages is the easiest way; it is very similar to e-mail. You can initiate a message in many different methods. First, while viewing someone's profile, click the "Send a Message" link under his or her profile picture, or click on "Messages" in the left column of your home page, and select the "+ New Message" button. Second, enter the name of a



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