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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

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Title: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.

Author: Philip Yancey, Dr. Paul Brand.

This book starts off with Philip Yancey talking about the life of the wonderful surgeon, Dr. Paul Brand. Yancey talks about how Dr. Brand became such an amazing person, personally and professionally. Yancey talks about all the experiences he lived with Dr. Brand and everything he learned from him. Yencey divided the book in four main sections cells, bones, skin and motion; each of these sections had something very important to teach about biology and most importantly, about God. In the cells section, Dr. Brand teach us how each one of us, are part of a big thing. Each human in this world has a purpose just like cells do, Brand says we are here as individuals with a very different kind of life, but all together to glorify God. While Yancey and Dr. Brand teached me many different things about biology and Brand's work, they also taught me how everything we do in our lives, should not only be for our own benefit, but also, to help other that are in need.

I believe the main purpose of this book, is that it can teach us all many different things about how wonderful and difficult to understand the human body is, and also about how God blessed us all with incredible gifts. It has the purpose to teach us that like Dr. Brand, we have the power to change others lives, only if we believe that God put us here with that purpose. This book was intended for those who have not realized that God is calling them to help somebody else in need. Dr. Brand showed us that helping others was his purpose, and showed us how he dedicated his life to help people with leprosy.

In my opinion, one of the biggest weaknesses of the book, is that even thought Yancey tries to explain and simplify everything, the subject of the book is not easy to comprehend for many people, however, it's strength is bigger than it's weakness. The message this book leaves for the reader is very strong and makes it worth it to read it.

This book have been helping me understand my first classes in my biology class, since it talks about about cells and tissues, it also helped me see that we all have a purpose in life, and should try to achieve it, because it is a way for us to thank God for all the gifts He has given us.



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