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Federalism in Action

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Essay Preview: Federalism in Action

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Federalism in Action

Part One: The Storm

1. According to Frontline, what problems were caused by the following groups:

The Local and state officials?

was unprepared, uncoordinated and overwhelmed in dealing with the Hurricane Katrina disaster

The U.S. military?

The U.S Military was not used to working with civilians on a daily close bases and lacked proper guidance from Washington.


FEME was not prepared to handle such a large number of people-lacked assets and lacked communications

The Government?

Not enough government support for the state and Bush really ignored the state for the first week of the storm.

2. Why was the Louisiana National Guard unable to help?

The Louisiana National guard were unable to help because they underestimated the amount of water the hurricane has bring, it was too late to take action once it became serious.

3. Why were rescue efforts hampered in the first 24 hours?

For the first 24 hours there were no communication, the water had flooded all the generators as well.

4. What were the Mayor's responsibilities prior to the hurricane?

To stock the shelters with enough water and food. And prepare school buses for evacuation.

5. Where were state and local officials during the aftermath of Katrina? Why was this a problem?

They told people to try to help as much as they can to the ones that lost their houses.

6. What were the critics pointing out as trouble with the governor of Louisiana?

Disaster response authority at the time of Katrina was entirely in the hands of the state Governors - NOT the federal government. Governor Blanco apparently became completely ineffective for at least the first 72 to 96 hours after the disaster.

7. According to then-FEMA director Michael Brown, when does FEMA take over for state and local governments?

FEMA is not a first responder agency. FEMA helps with disaster preparedness by paying for training/equipment, during a disaster by providing coordination and funding, and after a disaster by providing funding. FEMA is a source of money, not a force of rescuers.

8. What were the complaints of local and state



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