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A Masterpiece with Action

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This novel, Kill Zone, created a spectacular story through the real and true references from the author's, Jack Coughlin and Donald Davis, own life events. As the story progresses, you will be gripped with serious suspense that will not let you put the book down.

In my opinion, the absolutely best part of this novel is the action scenes. Coughlin uses his background information and experience to create the most detailed events I have ever read. This included everything in between the style of their weapons to the exact moves used to stop their opponent. The book is set as an action movie playing in your head.

Besides the absolutely incredible action scenes there is a great deal of high stakes in their doings that will put you right on the edge, as the big shocker comes out of nowhere. Coughlin uses these high stakes as an advantage to give the reader a feeling of actually being in the warfare right along with Swanson, a top Marine Corp sniper (the main character).

As most authors do, Coughlin adds in his personal views about politics within the battle. This slight bias of politics creates a relation to modern politics; while creating a twist to separate from the hardcore action, and adding another meaning of the creation of this story.

Separate from the author's personal beliefs and experiences, they also use their writing talents to have clear and developed characters. This gives readers clarity in who was involved in what events and how it related to them. I did not have a single sentence that I had to think what the authors were saying. This creates the clear and smooth novel that it is today.

I would recommend this book to anyone, but mostly to those that want to actually find their readings interesting. This book includes everything and beyond from the development of characters to the detailed weapons which creates the ultimate action-filled and suspenseful masterpiece.



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