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Fedex Company Analysis

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The competition in the business arena has been very stiff and complex. In this regard, the organization must be able to utilize a strategy and management system that will enhance the performance of the business so as to outgrow its rivals (2000; 2003). There are certain ways or techniques that can be considered in order to emerge and continue to be competitive within the market place. The marketing concept has been defined as 'the key to achieving organizational goals' and the marketing concept rests on 'market focus, customer orientation, coordinated marketing and profitability'. In a profit making business the firm obviously has to try and achieve this level of customer satisfaction as a way of staying ahead of the competition and making a profit.

Traditionally, marketing has been utilized by most of the organisation in order to increase the capabilities and core competencies of the company. It can be said that marketing can be considered as one of the most important element supporting successful business establishment (1994). This is because of marketing's complex applications, this have been defined in different manners. The significance of marketing concept integrates oft-repeated aspects such as: integrated marketing efforts, customer orientation, and resultant profitability (2003).

Different firms obviously try and achieve the level of customer satisfaction as a strategy of both staying ahead of the competition and making a profit. And since, many companies are trying to be recognised in the business arena. These companies had been able to competently and effectively adjust to the situation in the marketplace through the use of different marketing strategies that enhanced their competitiveness.

Primarily, the goal of this paper is to provide discussion about an organisation in terms its marketing strategy. The focus of this paper will be on FedEx. The discussion will include the overview of the company, the services it offered, market segment and its competitors. Further, the pay will also give emphasise to one of the four meaning of marketing provided by (1994) which is about the specific process to meet the needs of the customers.

Company Overview

FedEx Corporation was established by in 1973 as an entirely new concept in package delivery an overnight air delivery service. While many competitors have sprung up since that time to steal small portions of the market share, FedEx is still undeniably the global leader in its industry. The company also provides e-commerce and supply chain management services to its clients in more than 210 countries. The corporation has some 215,000 employees and contractors and offers a wide range of delivery options including worldwide express delivery, ground small parcel delivery, freight delivery, and customs brokerage. Integrated business solutions are provided through a group of operating companies, of which Federal Express Corporation is the largest.

FedEx was the pioneer of the express transportation and logistics industry. In addition, FedEx is also regarded as one of the world's leading transportation companies that focus on the transportation of parcels and packages worldwide. In accordance to the activity around us especially when it comes to the speed and efficiency needed to serve the clients better, FedEx also has improved its performance when it comes to service through continuous changes in its IS and addition of certain programs like tracking lost parcels within thirty minutes which is of good help to clients and the such. This is very important so as to keep the company consistent of being number one on its spot. In this way, it will never fail to attract more clients.

FedEx is committed with their People-Service-Profit philosophy. Herein, the company aims to produce outstanding financial returns by means of providing, competitively superior, totally reliable global air-ground transportation of high priority goods and documents that require rapid, time-certain delivery. The company also aims to provide positive control of each package that will be delivered by using real time electronic tracking and tracing systems. In this manner, a complete record of each shipment and delivery is being presented with the company's request for payment. The company's goal is to become helpful, courteous and professional to each other and the public. The vision of the company is to strive efficiently to have a completely satisfied customer every time they avail the services of FedEx (Federal Express Corporation 2000).

Services Offered

The following are the core, supplementary and facilitating services provided by FedEx:

* Overnight package delivery

* Worldwide express delivery

* Ground small parcel delivery

* Freight delivery, and

* Customs brokerage.

These services are being offered in a quality manner to satisfy their customers. Because FedEx has been able to expand their services internationally, the industry also provides different products and services to their customers in the international market like in Asia-Pacific. The products and services provided by FedEx include FedEx International Priority (IP), International Priority Freight Services and FedEx Packaging.

* FedEx International Priority (IP)

The FedEx International Priority Service offers a time-definite, door-to-door technology-intensive, customers-cleared delivery of packages, documents and freight all over the world. This offering includes the FedEx International Mail Service which is available for bulk mailings of printed material like direct mail, invoices and catalogues.

The clients of FedEx has the opportunity to choose from different delivery options which include door-to-door delivery using FedEx courier, customs clearance, holding for collection at a FedEx location and delivery through a broker or customer's agent.

* International Priority Freight Service (IPFS)

The industry is currently operating in five scheduled air services from the United Stated to Sydney every week. The majority of the traffic on these flights is IXP, to ensure a time-definite airport to airport service.

* FedEx Packaging

In this service, the company used sound packaging system to ensure the fast and secured delivery of the shipment of the



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