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Jp Nelson Company Analysis

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1.0 Introduction

JP NELSON is integrated in 1992, the regional headquarter in Singapore and has regional

operates throughout Southern East Asia which is in Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand and


This company is one of the market leaders that specializing to provide leasing, sales and

services on heavy machineries in construction, marine, petroleum, offshore and other


The company has few hundreds of experienced employees and them practicing corporate

social responsibilities by providing the right courses not only to the company employees and

for the employees out of the organization as well. Beside this, they have also preserve long

term business relationships with customer, stay sprightly, responsible, and well qualify to

meet the customer needs.

JP Nelson have a lot of achievement during the year operates. One of the achievements is

appointment approved crane operator by ministry of manpower (MOM). This achievement is

enhancing the company's visibility in the industry. Another one achievement attained is

awarded by Small and medium enterprise (SME) 500, ranking the highest net profits, 4th

position. With this approved, the organization have opportunities to make more business

either in Singapore to overseas. Beside this two, there have many achievements that JP

Nelson attained. We can refer to the website at

The competitors company for JP Nelson is Aver Asia (S) Pte Ltd, Asia Group Leasing Pte Ltd,

Multi Ways Equipment Pte Ltd and others.

2.0 External Analysis (General Environment)

The external environment of the company can be analysis through different factors that

namely PESTEL analysis. All this factors is from outside of the organization and affected to the

whole organization management and operations system.

2.1 Politic

Singapore is a low risk political country. The people who staying in here are enjoyed the

comfortable and public safety environment. Terrorists are not easily entered to attack the

country public safety. The government body called Public Transport Security Committee had

enhance the awareness and carry out many steps to ensure the public security is safely. They

have implemented and improved more surveillance system, get more security guards and

conducting bag checking roles in every public areas. So, with all these security steps, a lot of

people decided to immigrant to this country and increased the housing demand. In fact, the

construction equipment also increased follow to reach the market needs. In additional, Issue

relating documents, permits, licenses and the role of regulations authorities, International

markets and trade, taxation, etc. are the factors affecting the construction industry.

2.2 Economic

The economic is an important influence factor for the company at local and national level. It

was including company overall growth or fall in gross domestic product supply which have an

impact on the demands for commodity and services. Inflation can have an impact on business

decision. If the inflation in metal industry, that will affect the pricing of machineries. The

company will make discreet decision to purchase machineries or not to meet the market

requirement, because it will carry a high cost of loan or interest rate. Some of the

construction will consider rent construction machineries rather than purchase due to the

higher steel prices. For company run the heavy machineries, they would make decision to do

business partner with other same sector company or construction companies for lighten the

low production costs and share the profit.

2.3 Social

Social attitudes is the factor not just influence the company, also affected the external

parties. Company maybe affected by the attitudes of the employee's, job sharing and working

time. For example, if the employee can work longer hours, the job can be completed on time

that had set by the project. Multiple Skilled workers is one of the main social factor to

impacts the construction industries, they can improve the productivity level and task-force. In

contrast, construction industry will damaged by lack of the untrained and low level workers.

One of the big social factor that was affected the construction sector is the Singapore

government had tightened up the foreign workers policies due to continue restructure the

economy status. This policy immediately affected the construction sector after foreign

workers levies increasingly, simultaneously the productivity followed by reduction and

inefficient due to the shortage manpower. Many of the companies directly access to the

struggle situation.



2.4 Technology

Implementing the new technology or machine is very important for the company movement.

Machine had high technology with friendly use for foreign worker can enhance the productive

and efficiently in work. Example, the scissor or boom lifts indicate the simple words and

effective functions that can make the maintenance or construction work completed before

the deadline. Different type and usage of equipment’s should bring in to emerge the

industries needs and make advantages for the company. Beside this, the sciences computer or



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