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Feelings of Oppression Expressed Through Literature

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Essay Preview: Feelings of Oppression Expressed Through Literature

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Bryant Ortiz-Gonzalez

ENC1102 – Freshman Composition II

Instructor: Robert McWhorter

3 March 2018

Essay #1

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Feelings of Oppression Expressed Through Literature

        After thoroughly examining the arts “Daddy” by Sylvia Plath, and “The Secretary Chant” by Marge Piercy, and carefully reading a brief description of the artists backgrounds, it is easy to notice how patriarchal ideology was in play. Not being able to stand up to their oppressors, these authors as well as many other women found a haven in literature. They felt at ease, because in literature it is possible to express one’s true feelings towards someone or something by using metaphors, hyperbole, and inanimate objects. It is key to keep in mind that both works can reveal a lot about economically, politically, socially, or psychologically operations of patriarchy. I will state those operations and, bring to light just how cruel the patriarchal society was in the past in this essay.

        Before I start breaking down these operations, I will talk about the role of female speakers and the way they express their feelings. First off, let’s start with “Daddy”. The title of this poem isn’t talking just about the speaker’s relationship with her father and husband, but of women’s relationships with men in general. It addresses any male that has oppressed, betrayed, or left behind their daughters and wives. Sylvia Plath vary much hated her father and husband, for not being able to figure out where he was from and making her feel out of place.

On the other hand, in “The Secretary Chant”, we can see how the author describes body parts as if she herself were the office equipment all in one. This is just so wrong in so many ways, patriarchy has oppressed them so much that they start to see themselves as a ‘thing’ instead of a person. This is an example of how twisted patriarchal society was, and the damage it started causing on women. And all of this just to keep men in power, to make themselves feel superior and dominant. Not caring that these women are the ones who will carry and care for their children. Hfhg hfhf kshisfj jksdfjsdfs sldkdj jfnhg hgfh njfhshd hdhfjdk jdjh

        Moving on to the operations of patriarchy revealed in these poems, it is as clear as water that this ideology benefitted men entirely in all aspects. According to Foundation for Economic Education, in the 1800s, 80% of the labor force worked on farms, making men more valuable in the market economy because of the workforce delivered. On the social side, women are used as symbols of success, according to In addition to hierarchies and rankings among themselves, men bond with women to create some criteria of “masculinity”. According to, men are more likely to succeed in politics and receive higher positions in business due to the assumption that these realms are ‘masculine’. All these contribute to making men think that they are superior to women. These rankings are nonetheless, dumb excuses that men have created for their own greedy purposes.



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