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Prose Literature - Elizabethan Age

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Essay Preview: Prose Literature - Elizabethan Age

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The main purpose to this essay is to know about the prose literature emerged in the Elizabethan age, its types and the greatest writers and their masterpieces produced during that period.


The Elizabethan age was a remarkable period for use different types of writings. The poetry which had strong rules to be written was the type most used during this age. However, it was another form of writing called the prose in which there is any control and any restrictions to be produced which affected the appreciation of the prose at that time. However, we can find similarities among writers when producing these kinds of literary works, such similarities were: colorful, blazing, rhythmic, indirect, prolix, convoluted, the age and strongly expressions of feelings.

On the other hand, fiction writings were produced into this literary sub-genre. The Elizabethan age was characterized by its romanticism, and then many romantic fiction works took place. The following list shows writers who made fiction prose and different types of it and as well as their masterpieces.

* John Lyly: His works reflected great romanticism in the Elizabeth age. His work named "Euphues" or "the anatomy of Wit" was extremely successful in England in 1578, being called "the first English prose novel" which went over topics like love and children's education. Later, a second part of "Euphues" was presented which was titled "Euphues and his England"; the story expresses tribute to the English nobility. Alliteration, balance, antithesis, numerous references to the classical authorities and allusions to the natural history were employed into his literary work making sometimes an over-decorated style and showing monotony and insipidity.

* Robert Green: He was a writer who was born in Norwich in 1560 and died in 1592. Different kinds of genres were written by him, such as, prose romances, moral dialogs, and some scientific writings. His career as a writer started when publishing his long romance named "Mamillia" in 1580, other were "Pandosto", "Menaphon" and "The card of fancy".

* Thomas Lodge: His first writings, for instance, "Rosalynde" and "Euphues Golden Legacie" were offered using prose. But, satires and epistles in verse were other kinds of written literature produced by Lodge.

* Sir Phillip Sidney: He who used the pastoral romance being a mixture of pastoral poems and a fictional narrative in prose wrote "Arcadia" known as the "Old Arcadia" his first pastoral romance which was focused on using poetic language and conceptions where in an imaginary land the characters live and love in a Utopian Arcadia.

* Thomas



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