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Financial Aid

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In today's society, college seems surreal, especially with the economy the way it is. Colleges seem to speak a foreign language when the subject turns to money. But the basics are simple. Financial aid is simply money that helps you pay for college. There are three kinds: grants, also called scholarships or gift aid, are considered the best kind of financial aid this is free money that doesn't have to be paid back. Generally, grants are awarded for one of three reasons: Need, Merit, and Employment Benefit. The second type of financial aid is loans, which has to be paid back. Lastly, there is work study which is granted to students with financial need, which gives them income through a portion of the time in school. These students are chosen by a need and availability. Although the federal government will hand out billions of dollars more in college grants in 2011 and 2012 than ever before, the nation's financial aid programs as a whole are not keeping up with rising tuition cost. The recruitment funnel of Keiser University has changed more and more to meet the student's needs and put the student first, where a high number of inquiries of prospective students from numerous entry points narrow to and moves toward application and ultimately a smaller number of matriculated students, is at the foundation of the college-recruiting theory. This funneling process is aided by recruitment efforts designed to move the prospect from casual interest to enrolling. We have to align the Financial Aid practices with our recruitment strategy.

After a carefully analyzing the Financial Assistance plan that is in place Keiser University, there are many opportunities that could be advantageous to the recruitment and retention status. There are many procedures that cause potential students not to attend that can be alleviated. When developing an enrollment management plan it is very important to involve those that the new changes will ultimately affect. Throughout the new changes developmental opportunities should be offered to all participating staff members that will direct contact with the implementing stages of the process. It is important that all publications for the institutions to up to date so that each department can provide information in an effective manner. The institutions should also look into offering some type of workshops to expand the knowledge of students as well as employees. It is everyone's job to recruit and retain students, aligning FA, both need-based and merit-based programs with recruitment goals. Increasing the quality

It is very important for other departments to be informed on the new changes that are set to take place. At Keiser every department should be on the same page when it comes to certain information. This not only puts everyone on the same page but it helps develop credibility with the students. It is very hard to correct some mistakes just because someone has been



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