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Fist Day

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I really do believe that Immigration makes a better America. When I first got this assignment i decide to take the survey approach and ask what other people though. Mainly everyone though that the essence of America is that is the land were dreams come true and the land of second chances. If you think about a lot of people come over to America to make a better life . America has so many opportunities.

America has been the collection point for all of these individuals. In the America of today people see immigration as a bad thing. Which is partly The presidents fault. If you have the leader of the free world saying that these people who are just trying to make a better life for themselves and he calls them for rapist and criminals.

Immigration gives America an type of edge in the worlds economy, Immigrants bring ideas and spirit to the economy Which doesn't help the regular American person who doesn't agree with immigration makes a better life for themselves is a bad thing .

When all they want to do is make a better life for themselves . Start over we as American are a little spoiled we are taught when we are young that we can do anything we put our mind too. Where in other countries they don’t have the same type of you can be anything in this world.

Some people just want to make a best want to make abetter further for their family. What better place to do that no other than the land of the free where there are million job selections.

For example when I did my survey I asked an past immigrant from Ghana why did she decide to come to Florida she explained. She told me that even though her life was great in Ghana she felt like something was missing she always wanted to do hair. She knew if she stayed she would have to take over the family business which was owning difference elementary schools.

This women decided to get her go on a boat and end up in America and started he journey at Design Hair School. Fast forward 30 years later this women owns 2 stores. While she will in school building her future she managed to get a Visa and manage to bring her husband here and they start a family.

The next person I spoke with works with Student immigrants and he basically said If they weren’t here he wouldn’t have a job. He’s title at FSU is student athletes who aren't from America at first but receives a school visa after a while. he say. “This students offer great things we need more dreamers in this world”. So in the end i do think that immigration makes for a better America.

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