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Flight 001: Motivating Employees"

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Essay Preview: Flight 001: Motivating Employees"

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"Flight 001: Motivating Employees"

According to "Flight 001: Motivating Employees" I think Douglas McGregor, theory X and Y is the most indicate because as this theory said employees needs "higher order needs" such as social, esteem, and self actualization, also as she said "most associates just want to make money while pursing others interests as students, photographers, musicians, etc." (Flight 001: Motivating Employees) this can be as a part of their low order needs where psychological and safety conditions are more important. She said that she " can tell with associates are passing through and who might stick around" (Flight 001: Motivating Employees) this is possible to see in McGregor's theory because it is probable to see how likes the job that is doing and how don't.

When people is interesting and really motivate and work is something good, they enjoy to go and do what they like, people is original, use to work in group, responsible and all this happened because people want achievement, status, responsibly, reputation, personal growth, fulfillment, and obviously affection. When a person doesn't like their work they just to thinks to get the money, this is the key motivator for the low order needs. People how doesn't like their job just want to "survive" they are not interesting in get recognition, status, have a great working conditions, they just want to their money.

Griffin motivation at work first in Flight 001 was kind of passing through but after the work of motivation did for the cofounder of the company she started to think in not only the low order needs but also in high order needs, this doesn't happened with Amanda Shank that the store-owner told her "you're just a number, you can be replace at any time" how would like to work there of somewhere where you know you will be replace in any time and you don't have motivator to work, in those kind of companies you know you will not get you goals and obviously you will not to achieve results.



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