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Motivation of Employees

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Motivation of employees is an essential part of an organization's future success. The resources of humans are crucial to the prosperity, productivity, and performance of any company. There is an old saying that you can take a horse to water, but you can't force them to drink. This saying is correct, employers can try to do everything to motivate employees, but they can't force this attribute if their employees have no desire. Job performance is determined by not only a person's ability, but their motivation to succeed. I chose motivation because I feel that in today's era, this is a problem among people in the workplace, which is why I believe our economy has taken a ride on a downhill roller coaster. Over the last few years as I've seen our economy get worse and worse, I have noticed the lack of motivation people have to succeed. They have a mindset that do as little as possible to get by, and I was always brought up to be motivated in everything I do, I think a lot of today's workforce lacks this quality. Motivation is defined as the force that makes people perform. It is a result of a person's needs being satisfied and their inspiration to complete a task. A person's motivation will further determine the amount of effort they put forth on a task. The concept that a person is motivated by money is mostly false because it does not satisfy other needs. It gives proof that motivation among employees is derived from a personal factor, not one that fits all options. Motivation among employees can go a long way towards the attainment of goals that a business has. Establishing motivation among employees can sometimes be difficult for managers to do. As a manager, it's their job to create an environment that creates motivation for the employee. A manager needs to show each employee they care. By this, they need be honest and up front with all employees. Treat them with respect and in return, ask for the same dignity. A manager has to be approachable, clear, and concise when giving commands. If a manager can create an environment where all employees feel they are respected and treated as if they have some importance to the success of the business, then the motivation will follow. In some circumstances employee incentive programs work really well for companies to get the most out of their employees. If an incentive program is put in place, it is important for the manager to research the employee's wants out of the incentive program. It's a good idea for the manager to know what motivates the employee and how to gain optimal performance from them. In order to gain motivation from employees, managers need to find the best possible program based on the individualized needs of their workers. The most important concept to remember is your employees is the greatest asset to a business and no matter how efficient the technology and equipment may be, it is no match for the effectiveness and efficiency of a business's staff. Motivation affects the entire aspect of the business operation. It not only affects, the quality and quantity of products, it affects the atmosphere and longevity of each business. If we analyze the production part of an organization, we can understand how employees need to be motivated to get products made effectively and efficiently. Take customer service representatives for another example, they need motivation to come to work and deal with customers on a regular basis. If they lack this desire, then customers would be fed up and be angry which could hurt the reputation of a business. It does not matter what department an employee is working for, they need to have motivation day in and day out for the company to have a chance at being profitable. In terms of being able to understand motivation in the workplace, we can look at the motivational theory composed by Frederick Herzberg in 1966. In order for him to gain knowledge, Herzberg interviewed various individuals at different professional levels to find out two certain factors. His goal was to find out what motivated an employee to perform at a high level and also what lead to job dissatisfaction. The conclusion upon his research showed that there are many things that lead to employees being motivated and employees not being motivated. Aspects that motivated employees was when there was a sense for achievement, recognition of their effort, the nature of the



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