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Food Revolution by Jamie Oliver

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Essay Preview: Food Revolution by Jamie Oliver

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After watching the TV series, Food Revolution by Jamie oliver, I was totally appalled by how resistant a community would be to a positive and beneficial changes that they were unable to grasp. Certainly, it could be argued that the word "beneficial" is subjective. But when it concerns the issue of health, and the future of the new generation, shouldn't we be scrutinising the issue a little further rather than condeming it before it could even raise a voice?

Before we move on further, i would like to reinstate that the issue we are looking into is food, and how it has changed the lifestyle of more than 40% of the population in the United States (I would consider using the word "destroyed", but on recollections that lifestyles could still be corrected and salvaged, I've used a more euphemistic term). Jamie Oliver heads out to the town of Huntington, with this strong and highly-controversial idea of attempting to change the eating habits of the population, which mainly , or entirely consist of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, but was met with unpleasant episodes where his intentions and aspirations were questioned by the local media, his temporary colleagues and the higher authorites, to whom he was supposed to convince in order to prolong his stay in the town.

He had to devise a menu that is healthy, within budget, gain the support of the canteen staff and most importantly,win over the stomachs of the children.

A large portion of the information gathered, is through the internet where the annual reports of the company and the competitor could be found. This information is found via the website of the respective companies and confirmations are made by reference to the printed records in the National Library archives, where reports of Singapore-listed companies could be found.

Information is also derived from international papers and online articles that provide latest development in the water treatment sector. Some of these sources of articles are industry-specific and offer up-to-date information of the sector.

Another source of information is through the reference books. These books represent a diverse range of information



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