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Football Concussions

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Essay Preview: Football Concussions

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Donald Davis

Ms. Featherstone

English 101

November 26, 2012

Football Concussions

America is enamored by sports and football is the most loved sport today. Millions of fans are dedicated to this great game. There's nothing like scoring a touchdown, kicking a feel goal, or a quaterback sack. Eventhough it's a very fun game and millions of people love it. There is a hidden danger that can be dangerous to your health, and that danger is concussion's.

The constant pounding on the head could

not be good for anybody. So much long term damage can be done without the athlete even knowing about

it. In America we are so enamored by sports and athletes that we want to win at all cost mostly at the

expense of the athlete who is the ultimate entertainer. If a person is feeling dizzy, woozy, and seeing double

vision they should not be playing in the game as a matter of fact they should be in the hospital for recovery

of these severe symptoms that could lead to other health problems. If a star player is hurt in the heat of the

battle their not aware and want to play to help their team under the illusion that their ok but in reality are

missing a few screws.

Do we care more about players safety or do we care more about winning the game?

Players do not know any better, but the doctors do. They recommend all types of pain pills but there is

never no clear answer on how to handle concussions. I know for a fact we are placing more emphasis on

players safety more than ever before and so we are more educated than ever on how to deal with this

painful injury. It seems like rest would be the best medicine for this type of injury resulting from the

constant pounding on the head causing trauma. When you're in front of a crowd of 100, 000 screaming fans

you are so fired up, adrenaline is flowing, and the only thing on your mind is playing and performing to

win the game. You get pissed off when you are told you cannot play anymore because you were knocked

through the wall and you're not all there, but you think you are because the adrenaline is flowing so much.

It's up to the coaches and team doctors to really regulate when a player should sit out the game. Football is

a lot of fun but we need to be more aware of what symptoms to recognize in the heat of the battle of a


I remember when I played football in high school and I suffered a lot of vicious hits on my head. The

helmets back then were not as good as the ones today, but you really felt it. It was the norm to play with a

bloody nose, broken arm, or concussion because your mentality was to win at all cost. The no pain no gain theory was driven deep into our minds like warriors going into the battlefield a little injury holds no

one back when it comes to survival, and winning at all cost was the benefit to receive glory.

I was dizzy for 2 weeks and I always wondered if my brain was damaged because of this violent sport, but I

knew the risk and loved the game so much that the positive outweighed



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