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Ford Motor Company

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Essay Preview: Ford Motor Company

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1. Discuss the role of leadership and how it can impact organizational performance.

Leadership is essential to achieve a goal successfully. Team members are influenced by the leader through their thoughts, behaviours and attitudes. Leadership helps to determine us in the same approach and accomplish the tasks successfully and jointly. Leadership has unique ability to push other people to do increase their work performance. If parents are effective leaders their children grow independent. Leaders must determine activities of others and motivate them to meet mission requirements. Leaders set a direction, they help to see what lies ahead; they help to visualize what others might achieve; they encourage and inspire team members. Kriger, M. (2010) without leadership a group of human beings quickly degenerates into argument and conflict. Kaipa, P. (2010), additionally, they must manage or resolve issues that lacks progress towards accomplishing organizational goals.

2. Discuss Mulally's leadership style at Ford Motor Company and provide examples of how his actions fit this style.

It was the worst years in the industry's history for the Ford Motors while they were seeking of the competition with other companies. Ford has its eyes forward. The choices that Mulally and his team have made over the last 3 and a half years are a model for how struggling automakers and their CEOs should handle adversity and do what few in the business are expected to do today. Mulally expects to succeed. Here are a few things his counterparts should learn if they want to have the same expectations.

Making the Right Moves at the Right Time: When Mulally announced as a CEO, Ford had announced major layoffs and cuts in production. After that Ford announced an unprecedented financing offer, extending 0% financing to 72 months. Two years later, the critics were silenced as his desperate move paid off

Taking Criticism and Acting on It: Many good leaders know what they know and fight forward despite criticism. The ones who recognize which criticism is warranted and should be acted upon have a chance to be great leaders.

Being Fearless in the Face of Adversity: These moves are difficult to make as they are often perceived as signs of weakness, but Mulally has one focus: Ford. His vision of building the company through solidarity rather than diversity appears to be paying off as Ford was profitable ahead of schedule.

Embracing Innovation: There are many instances of Ford being "ahead of the game" in an industry that is often slow to embrace trends, especially on the Internet. SYNC has been instrumental in pulling the younger generation into Ford's camp while a focus on building greener cars without sacrificing performance has helped to separate them from the "green at all cost" mentality going thought the industry, but there is one move that stands out in helping to establish Ford's innovative mindset.

Looking Ahead: The automotive industry is due for a rebound they may be in the middle of it right now despite setbacks for some as people can only go so long without buying a new vehicle. Those who embrace the styles and techniques used by successful leaders such as Alan Mulally will have a stronger chance of coming out on top regardless of what happens in the economy, the world, and the industry. They just have to keep pointing towards their future.




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