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Formation of the United States Government

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Essay Preview: Formation of the United States Government

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What powers are extended to the federal government? What about the powers the state government? What can the federal government do that the state government cannot? Does the state government have power that the federal government does not have? Do they have any of the same powers that they can and cannot do? What about the local government? Who makes the local government? These are great questions and I will try my best to answer them in the following report.

The powers that are extended to the Federal Government have a long range. As the Federal Government is higher that both the local and state Government. The federal government is able to print money, so that unlike countries like Europe we do not have marks, and Euros. Now they are all on Euro's which makes things a little easier. You don't want to go from California to Texas and find out that the money you have will not be honored and you cannot put gas in your car, or buy your food. Make laws, establish post offices, and provide military protection. What this means to me is that even though we have the Army National Guard which is state; the Army Reserve is federal. The federal government had to allow the states to have their own military protection. The National Guard soldiers are state paid, meaning that the one weekend a month and two weeks a year or any time that they get activated that they are paid from state taxes, whereas the Reserve is paid by the federal government. Make treaties and conduct foreign policy. They are not allowed to or do not have the power to violate a bill, they may not impose export taxes among states, meaning that they cannot have taxes for grain going from North Dakota to South Dakota. They cannot use money from the treasury without approval and they cannot change state lines. So the states will always be the same tomorrow as they were yesterday.

State Government have less powers than the Federal Government they can issue you a state drivers licenses or a state identification card which you need so that you can drive on the state highways and roads, so you can write checks, have a bank account. Regulate businesses only within their state. Conduct elections so that the citizens can decide on who they want to have in charge of the state for a set number of years. Establish local governments (i.e. city council would be a local government) and take measures for public health and safety such as the first district heath unit where they offer medical assistance for shots, obgyn visits so that you can get birth control and a lower rate. Also, informing the public on the dangers of drinking and driving, smoking using smokeless tobacco. They cannot print money only the federal government can do that, cannot tax for incoming or outgoing goods from one state to another; they cannot suspend our rights without due process. They also cannot deny any citizen the right to vote due to race, color, religion or sex. And that is covered by both the 15th



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