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Four Steps in Pr Process

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*The information in this was taken from an online source which was created into a Power Point presentation. it has been outlined in essay format here for your convenience.*

There are four steps in the public relations process. An easy acronym to remember the steps is 'RACE'. This stands for Research, Action plan, Communication and Evaluation.


The first step in the Public Relations process is Research.

There are three key elements to the initial step in the public relations process.

The first element is client or organization.

The second element is the problem or potential future problem and opportunity to do public relations in the future.

The third element is the publics involved.

There are two methods of research that can be done. These are informal research and formal research.

Action Plan / Objectives

The second step in the Public Relations process is the action plan or objectives.

There is a strategic development to figure out what the action plan should be. There are three elements of the strategy development.

The first element is to identify objectives.

The next element is to identify target market and audience.

The final element is to create a theme.


The third step in the Public relations process is known as communication.

To develop and implement a communication plan, there are three criteria to keep in mind.

First, what tactics will be used is important.

Next, the timeline in which everything must be done should be completed.

Finally, a budget will need to be determined.


The final step in the public relations process is the evaluation step.

figure out what ways to measure success during and after



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