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Frankenstein Monster in Book Compared to Frankenstein Monster in Movie

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Essay Preview: Frankenstein Monster in Book Compared to Frankenstein Monster in Movie

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The book, Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley is centered around a scientist who tries to create a new life from dead body parts. Similarly, the 1931 movie version of Frankenstein, tells of a same tale, but in fact, the product of the scientists creations was very different. For example, the monster in the book is portrayed more of as a human, but the monster in the 1931 film was depicted as more of a monster, having animalistic traits that made him seem like unhuman like and more of a creature. Both of these creatures differences come from the fact the fact of several differences in the book between the movie and the book.

One notable difference is that Mary Shelley makes Frankenstein’s creation seem like a human by having the monster be able to learn communication . However, in the movie the monster is only seen displaying grunts as his form of communication, far under the capability of the monster in the book’s method of advanced communication. By being able to speak, it makes the monster in the book self aware that people hate him, while in the movie the monster doesn’t even realize he is not accepted by society. This results in the monster feelings of anger towards his master, and he is able to express his sufferings to us to make us sympathize with the monster. By granting him the ability to speak, Mary Shelley is showing us that the creation just wants some love from someone, like we all do as humans, and that he is only doing terrible things because of his irresponsible creator. Mary Shelley is pointing to a bigger picture here by showing how the creation was being shaped into a monster, conveying to us that maybe, in reality we are the monsters that are ignoring the outcasts and then turn them into monsters as well. On the other hand, by having the monster in the movie not be able to speak, he gets to be portrayed as an evil monster that is an outcast of society and subhuman.

Also, another noteworthy difference is that both of the monsters in the book and the movie get a different brain. For instance, in the book the monster is given a normal brain that functions properly. In the movie, on the other side is given a criminal brain that does not work properly and was a criminal brain, implying that it was suited towards violence. This difference reveals that in the book, the monster didn’t have a moral conscience when he killed the people, even though he had a normal brain. It was his emotions that got in the way of the things he did, showing that he didn’t have to be a monster that was angry at his master and declare vengeance on them. However, in the movie the monster is seen as being brutally violent as he has a criminal brain, and attacked his master soon after he was created. The people were trying to show that the monster was a monster to begin with, and that he had no goodness inside him to begin with.

Finally, the last difference is



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