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The Future of Science and Technology in the Universe

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Essay Preview: The Future of Science and Technology in the Universe

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Science and technology are the two important elements in today's world. Just imagine life without science and technology. We will not be able to live as comfortably as we are now. Communication will be strictly limited, working as an accountant will be tiring, moving from one location to another will take longer and altogether works and jobs will not be as easier as what we can imagine they could be. That is why science and technology have become vital in this century. No one will be able to live without science and technology. However, does each of us really know what is exactly science and technology? The fact that most of us are dying to look cool with the adaptation of the so-called sci-tech gadgets does not mean that we are cool enough to cope in this informative generation. Looking updated and trendy with one hand holding a new gadget does not promise that we know what exactly the thing we are chasing after just to be able to fit in the technology era. Basically, science and technology are two different concepts. Science is simply a system of acquiring knowledge based on scientific method, as well as the organized body of knowledge gained through such research. Technology is a broad concept that deals with usage and knowledge of tools and crafts, and how it affects ability to control and adapt to its environment. Science and technology are seen by many as an "indivisible pair" with technology as the subservient and dependent partner.

Science and technology nowadays are tremendous. Just name it. We have smartphone a communication tool that covers almost all technologies a person would need. With access to Internet, one can find whatever information they want without much difficulty. Not just that. The small yet capable hand phone also provides GPS aka map application allowing satellite to locate direction and location required. Hand phone was previously invented to easing communication but nowadays it can also assist other information requirement. A notebook created with a light and small features makes it easier for anyone to carry it everywhere they go. Assignment for instance can be done just by typing characters down rather than writing each word one by one on a piece of paper. Thus works can be done faster. That is just a few examples. If we look around us, whatever surrounds us is the result of science and technology. The car we drive to work, the smoke alarms to detect fire, the refrigerator to keep and freeze food are all the inventions come from science and technology. In industrial, machine use to process food is part of the adaptation of science and technology. Some industries replace labour with robots and machineries. busuk n tak lengkap, shud b added up. Eg, robot skg da ad....ak da ketandusan idea. Ko fill la space2 yg ada...

We have an incredible pace of technology created each day.



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