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Future of Training

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There are several trends that have an influence on the future of training. The use of new technologies will continue to have a huge impact on the future of training because it will prove to be cost effective; technology can be used to help employees gain a better understanding in order to better serve customers while generating new business; the cost of technologies will see a reduction in cost; technologies will help facilitate a better learning environment for the trainee and as more companies move towards flexible work schedules (Noe, 2010, p. 524). Training

One trend that will have an influence on training is the generational shift from baby boomers to the Generation X group. More companies are searching for future leaders to take the place of the baby boomers as they retire. Today's young people are more computer savvy compared to baby boomers and are more comfortable with new technology therefore it is imperative that companies design training programs that will keep the interest of this group. According to the 2009 Junior Achievement Survey, a majority of the younger people are using some type of social media on a daily basis to stay connected to the world (The future of training, 2012, paragraph 5). The author of this paper thinks that companies can be more successful if they design training programs based off the career needs and interests of the different generations. Some of the traits to look for when designing training programs for Generation Xers are their diverse background, very independent, team players, flexible, new technology is no fear to them etc. This will provide a better understanding to companies when designing an effective training program.



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