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Game Theory

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Game Theory

The main points of the reading due for today were dealing with what Wright calls the "Game Theory". The idea of game theory deals with zero and nonzero sum games, as they play a part in every day life and biology as well as human history and human nature. It pretty much predicts how our fate is to keep increasing complexity within our technology in life, we increase our need for ways to deal with new communication and technology. Wright points out how without proper ways to deal with this social complexity, we could potentially end up creating a nuclear war and killing off the planet. However, if we follow the path of our ancestors, and grow socially along with our technology, then demise is not our only option.

The ideas of nonzero and zero sum games was confusing at first, but after seeing the examples he gave, I was able to connect the ideas to life today and figure out what they meant.

In this reading, Wright explained the idea of a world-governance that could in turn lead all of the nations on Earth in solving global issues dealing with the economy, the environment, health, and other topics involving all nations. He also discussed things such as pull and push factors. The pull factors create a common threat to the entire world that would make leaders of all countries band together to defeat. These factors would be alien invasions or one rogue nation going nuts and trying to eliminate the earth itself. Push Factors would be things such as terrorists, new types of criminals, environmental threats, and health threats. Is it beneficial to follow along with global governance? It is needed when dealing with forces such as common threats. My problem with this "global governance" is when does it end? Who decides who is on the board that creates laws that could potentially overthrow our countries laws? Is a larger group needed to keep certain countries in check? Yes. But what if they get out of line and make a wrong decision? In a country that's government was built on a system of checks and balances, it is scary to think a non-democratic world power could change laws in our own democratic country.



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