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Gatsby Vs. the American Dream

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Essay Preview: Gatsby Vs. the American Dream

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The American Dream is defined as a promise of the possibility to achieve success and prosperity. During the 20th century, The American Dream was seen as the more money you have the better your life would be in turn. Also, you would get the most out of yourself and achieve true greatness by having money. Throughout The Great Gatsby Jay Gatsby is in search of the American Dream. But F. Scott Fitzgerald went against the true American Dream in this novel. If Gatsby American Dream came true he would have all the money and riches he desires. With all of his money, he still cannot buy Daisy's affection. By F. Scott Fitzgerald skewing The American Dream in The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby cannot truly live a happy life.

With all the money that Jay Gatsby has, you would think he has everything that he wants. Gatsby has a huge house, dazzling car, and a life that any man would want. But Daisy is always the one who keeps him from happiness. He obsesses over her. "(Gatsby) hadn't once ceased looking at Daisy," (Fitzgerald 91). Daisy constantly leaves Gatsby following her for love. Toying with his love, playing with his heart, just to show him that he isn't good enough for her. Gatsby is stuck believing that they were always meant to be and that his dream of being with her was true. But Daisy's only love throughout is the love of money. Money is all that Daisy wants to be happy. And this causes Gatsby to go mad. He buys all these expensive items to impress her but he cannot. If the American Dream were true in Gatsby life he would have all the money and not need to work for the love of Daisy.

Fitzgerald created the character of Daisy as a trap to cause Gatsby to never fulfill the American Dream. "(Daisy's) voice was full of money." (Fitzgerald 120). In some ways you could say that Daisy is a symbol of money. Her name bears a flower that is the color yellow. She is seen sporting yellow attire throughout the novel. And in the story yellow can be connected as a symbol of money. Daisy is money. Gatsby is working hard and wanting Daisy to love him. Gatsby is trying to spend money to win over the love of money, which is a symbol of Daisy. F. Scott Fitzgerald created Daisy in order to show Gatsby you cannot buy love or manufacture it. Love has to happen without the assistance of person items or luxuries. All Daisy wanted were the luxuries and riches of life without loving a man. Gatsby wanted the opposite. This shows the F. Scott Fitzgerald's American Dream in this novel was not set for Gatsby in the end.

With mass amounts of money, you are living the American Dream. This should be true. But not in Jay Gatsby case. He is stuck trying to love a woman who was never meant to love him in the first place. Gatsby wants The American Dream but is stuck never reaching it. Gatsby life of suffering because of Daisy is because of F. Scott. Fitzgerald. The American Dream



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