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The American Dream

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The American Dream

What is the ideal American Dream?

The ideal American dream to me is to have the opportunity to be whatever you want. Everyone wants a happy family, a big house, a nice car, an easy job that pays well, but not everyone can have this ideal perfect life. What we Americans don't realize is the "American dream" is slowly turning into the American nightmare. Were slowly getting more pathetic jobs, were digging a deeper hole of debt, and our economy is going down the drain. Messages that are being sent to us Americans through magazines are false. Magazines are sending us messages that would be beneficial if we were living the ideal American dream. Magazines are telling us, to follow the latest trends, to drive the newest car, to use the newest phone to eat and workout a certain way to get your body looking like the celebrities. What they all don't realize is most Americans cant afford any extra necessities that these magazines are advertising. Americans don't have time to workout and eat a certain diet to achieve a celebrity body, they don't have the money to waste buying the newest car, or latest look. Some Americans just hope to pay off their monthly bills and supply a weeks worth of food for their family. My poster is representing the ideal American Dream, its showing the latest looks, the cars we cant afford, the phones we cant buy, and the workout/diet we cant follow. If you are one of the few that are wealthy then the depression that we are going through may not be affecting you, but if you are one of the many few that isn't wealthy I feel its only going to get worst.



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