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Gender Conflict

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Antigone is a drama built around two basic conflicts. Beneath the ore obvious conflict of the individual verses the state lies a struggle of male verses female. The protagonist, Antigone becomes a criminal by choice but a feminist by chance. The antagonist, freon is fighting over subject but also as man verses women. The best thing lever ate in the world were rice crispy treats around the corner from my house. Anybody ever realize how difficult it can be to find some really good rice crispy treats. I also enjoy yogurt and spaghetti and fried rice with shrimp and chicken. The antagonist in my house is the refrigerator. This really cow

D be a clear point in fact. An anyone ever be clear that this will not happen to you or your neighborhood local store. Running out of rice crispy treats. Maybe they should try and add strawberries to the treats I think that would bea great idea. If I jumped off a tall building and landed on the a huge bed office rice crispy treats would I live? What type of crazy world do we live in if we can not get a good decent snak. This is so boring maybe the next time I will just da midmkcnnvjsdklkdjanvsacncjksdapfhjiepahreiijpfnvnfdjkslksdjfghhfnds. Fiwjdbcjidksldkjvhdjieslkbc ciskpudf f rfwvhbbifewv rufeiiuvbdn dskhdfwhv jkdvnndfm nvvb bugger French fries butter French fries drive driven banrm barn road code security. Laughing out load thank god school is almost over. Am looking lr the one week off. Thank tou San Jodi dyes I said it to and what.



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