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Gender Discrimination

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Essay Preview: Gender Discrimination

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Gender Discrimination

Gender discriminate jobs are not morally wrong and are just a function of companies finding the most effective way to maximize sales. Much like how age is a factor in many jobs as a qualification. The most competent employee for a position may very likely be based on their gender and this is justifiable. The examples in the prompt suggests gender discrimination for positions such as sales in women's lingerie or a urologist for male patients. There is a line to be crossed in gender discrimination but in examples like these its just not the case. These are definite situations in which there is and should be a gender bias.

A woman is much more likely to feel comfortable buying lingerie from a sales associate of the same sex. This sales associate is much more likely to be able to connect to that patron because they are most likely more experienced in that area, in this case wearing lingerie. The goal is be as effective as possible with sales and that could mean having a gender bias when hiring employees to certain companies. Its not just typically male jobs that warrant a gender bias, but as this example shows there are also female jobs that warrant gender discrimination. The same is the case with a urologist for male patients. A male doctor will be more proficient in connecting to the patient based on having similar qualities from being of the same gender. If a patient were to give a description of symptoms to a male doctor there is a much greater likelihood that the doctor could understand what these feelings being described are rather than say if a woman were to be the examiner. This isn't to say that a female couldn't be a proficient urologist for male patients, but this field does allow for justifiable gender bias on employment without crossing any moral boundaries.



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