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Genisis Written by Moses

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Chapter one in our omnibus I book talks about Genesis, and the different theories for the days of creation and the length of the days.

Jewish and Christian scholars had both found that Genesis was written by Moses, whom had an excellent education. The book of Genesis was very important because it tells the days of creation, to the fall of man, to the flood.

Chapter one establishes three different theories for the length of the days in the creation week. The first theory takes the days of creation literal with the belief of full 24 hour days, this theory is called, The Historic Seven 24-hour Days Position.

The Day-Age Position states that the days were not 24-hours, but instead thousands upon thousands of years. On the other hand, The Framework Position states that the creation week should not be taken literal, and has no specific time frame.

On the sixth day God created Adam and Eve, and they were told to live in the Garden of Eden and to take care of the animals and plants, they were told they could eat from any tree or plant in the garden, but not from The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil for they would surely die. One evening Eve was walking through the garden and was stopped by the serpent that then told her that The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was a tree that would make you like God after you eat of its fruit. Once Eve had a bite of the fruit, she took it to Adam, and he had then taken a bite of the fruit. They soon realized that they were naked, and felt shameful, and clothed themselves. Later when God went to check on them he found them hiding and once he had found that they had eaten from the forbidden tree they were cursed and banished from the Garden of Eden. Exodus is the story of Mosses exiting Egypt with the Hebrews. The Hebrews were slaves of the pharaoh, so God sent mosses top save them from his wrath. Pharaoh was a horrible man who would not let them go, so God used mosses to send plagues' until he had let his people go. When pharaoh had finally let them free he had changed his mind, and with his army, pharaoh went to get them back. When pharaoh caught back up with them he had mosses and the Hebrews pined to the red sea, but then mosses raised his hands, and parted the red sea. The Hebrews ran across trying to get away from pharaoh, and when the last Hebrew crossed, the pharaoh, and his army, was in the middle, and were killed and drowned when the red sea was un-parted.



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